The Founders 


Co-Founder, Kelli Cook, enjoyed a 10 year career on Wall Street in investment research. After re-locating from Manhattan to Fairfield County, Kelli had the opportunity to pursue her love of interior design. With a passion for design and business, she quickly realized there needed to be a better way to acquire and sell high end furnishings while updating or renovating. In partnership with her art adviser and gallerist, Heather Gaudio, Kelli and Heather were inspired to create Delve Decor.

Co-Founder, Heather Gaudio, brings 20 years in the fine art world and an eye for visual appeal. Through establishing a successful art gallery, Heather has worked with many interior designers to cultivate a client's ideal vision. She understands the importance of client privacy and the need for designers to manage excess inventory. In working with Kelli Cook to complete a design project with fine art, Heather realized a shared desire to create a marketplace for these items to benefit buyers and sellers.